B.Nice – Meaning To Share

August 21st, 2014 by

The veteran lyricist B.Nice does hip hop culture justice with his new EP, Meaning To Share. Hitting us with jazz based, boom-bap type, beats and bars which find a way to be comical and well as introspective, B gives his listeners something to bump too and ponder simultaneously.  With lines like “It’s in here, it’s in here, it ain’t in kicks, it might be in snares…” One can’t help but feel connected to and inspired by B as he pleads with us to become more critically aware of our social context and search for a higher sense of self…and of course to have fun while doing so. Check it out below, give it a download, and be on the lookout for his upcoming performance on September 14th at Trash Bar (256 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211).

Watsky – All You Can Do

August 20th, 2014 by

George Watsky

I came across George Watsky last year whilst diving head first into the spoken word poetry scene.  Watsky had the spunk, the swagger and the stories to make his poems go viral. Here is my first experience of Watsky:

Little did I know that he was making his way into the music scene, already having dropped two albums within the past five years.  Watsky just dropped his new album, All You Can Do, last Tuesday. He is currently touring in Europe, and starts his American tour in mid-October.

Watsky’s articulation and pronunciation is almost impeccable.  Watsky throws his more alternative hip hop side on this album by collaborating with artists such as Anderson Paak, Jimetta Rose, and many more.  My favorite song off this album is “Whoa Whoa Whoa”. If you’re looking for something more relaxed, check out “Ink Don’t Bleed” and “Cannonball”.

Let me tell you that Watsky throws down as fast, as articulative and as real as anyone out there.  Peep:


Remo – Light

August 15th, 2014 by

Enter Remo, a fizzling and whooshing rush of water that crashes on the shores of your face and chest, and slithers away in delicate tides and currents on the way back to sea, only to rush forward again in a moment. On Light, he mixes soothingly somber chillwave elements with trippy triadic trap progressions to create a crystal clear pool, rippling with the reverberations of a whispy vocal sample dripping down from a lily above. And then, out of the water, emerges a seagull. A jazzy seagull, who quacks, chants and moans, while flying low over the water, his feet grazing the surface and splashing sinuous melodic breeze behind him. This jazzy seagull is the beautiful saxophone work of Renaud Collet, and is accompanied by the lake-still rhodes playing of Anthoine Berquet. We’ve already traveled so far, from our deepest trap fantasies to the ethereal demiconscious of a seagull. Let this marvelous video take you the rest of the way, into the ooze of primordial colors in the microcosm that is all of us. Enjoy Light by Remo, and follow the red setting sun towards his Couchant Rouge EP below.




B. Lewis – Lasers

August 14th, 2014 by

B. Lewis

Sometimes, B. Lewis releases tunes with super lush harmonies, dilla-esque drum beats with a bit of a trap influence, and atmospheric textures that make you feel like you’re floating. Sometimes, he releases anthem tracks with 90s hip hop samples carefully crafted to make hooks that get stuck in your head for days on end. This is neither of those things. B. Lewis surprised me with a monster of a tune- a really trap banger that I feel like I should have heard at the Mad Decent Block Party in Brooklyn a few days ago. You may recognize Queen Bey’s Drunk In Love as the main vocal material for the song- an excellent choice, because I think pretty much all of B. Lewis’ fans love Beyonce. Doesn’t everyone love Beyonce? I digress, LISTEN TO THIS SONG RIGHT NOW.