Yung Lean- Gatorade (Lido Remix) “Lil $us Bootleg”

April 19th, 2014 by

Wow the title of this blog post is really confusing. Basically, this is a remix of a remix. It doesn’t matter how confusing it is, the mix of piano and 808s will have you listening all the way through.  The original track, also equally dope, is below.

Alxndr Jerard – Leaving

April 18th, 2014 by

Don’t blame us if you call your ex after this one. A beautiful tune indeed, we don’t expect any less from producer Alxndr Jerard.

Betty Who: Slow Dancing EP

April 16th, 2014 by

Betty Who

The popularity from her first EP, The Movement, has sent Australian-born popstar Betty Who soaring into her sophomore EP, Slow Dancing, which was released last week. Working again with producer Peter Thomas, and a little help from Ghost Beach, she has stunningly crafted the beauty that is Slow Dancing.

Both ambient and reminiscent of a time once past, Who’s pop tunes lure the listener in with her tasty hooks, and then proceeds to harpoon them in the feels.  Her lyrics, sad or happy, are accompanied with the 80s backbeat that makes her stand out over all contemporary pop singers.  Her voice reminds me of the haze on a summer morning — light, but clingy, giving her voice a body of its own.

Slow Dancing starts off strong with her single, “Heartbreak Dream”, which will have you bopping your head and flailing around in pure ecstasy, even though having somber lyrics. The guitar solo in “Alone Again” is very tasty.  Who’s hooks are just pure genius, you’ll be listening to her tracks on repeat for a while, I assure you.

My favorite song is the only song on this EP that was written solely by Betty Who: “Silas”.  It’s a slow, yet powerful love ballad. This song finishes off Slow Dancing on a very sorrowful, but epic note.  Who’s vocals are stripped bare in “Silas”, and are a testament to just how amazing she is.  Betty Who’s popularity is certainly on the rise, with her U.S. Tour and the release of Slow Dancing, the spotlight will continue to shine on her.

I’m seeing her live tomorrow, and unsurprisingly, the show is sold out. Check out Slow Dancing here:

The Black Keys | Turn Blue

April 15th, 2014 by

The Black Keys are a little under a month away from their eighth studio album release titled True Blue. The Danger Mouse produced album comes three years after their last release El Camino and on the first two singles, “Fever” and the title track “Turn Blue”, we see the band experimenting as they grow. “Turn Blue” is a mellow, psychedelic influenced  gem, a bit less gritty than some of the earlier music the group is known for. It’s also a good sign of what’s to come next month. Watch out for the album’s official release date on May 5th.