Zak Waters – Lip Service

April 23rd, 2014 by

Zak Waters

It’s Wednesday! Time to power through until the weekend, my friends. I’m here to introduce you to one of the opening acts that I saw last Thursday at the Betty Who concert in Boston.

Meet Zak Waters, a producer, singer and songwriter from LA.  He’s fresh and funky. Waters dropped his debut album, Lip Service, last year, and he has been steadily growing in popularity since then.

Waters’ style is more soulful pop. His stage presence is wonderful, even though his songs already get the crowd riled up.  Waters describes it best when he states, “My music is definitely meant to make people dance. I like to think of it as disco at its core. There are elements of EDM and R&B at the same time. You could call it neo-funk-pop. I’ll take that as mine.” 

Lip Service is a mixture of soul, funk and pop. There is a lot of synth and high sparkle to this album. You will want to jump, dance, bump and grind to his tracks.  Slower tunes, like “Sleeping In My T-Shirt” and “Over You”, give an emotional contrast to the rest of this LP.

My top three from Lip Service are: “Penelope”, “$500″ and “Neon Sun”.  They’re light dance tunes that focus more on the groove rather than anything else, which is weird because I am usually drawn towards lyrics.  All in all, Lip Service has tightly produced tracks that make the overall wholeness of the LP that much more superb. I’m eager to here what he comes up with next.

So get up, shake your limbs, and have a good rest of the week. Enjoy!

Kelis | Jerk Ribs

April 22nd, 2014 by

Food is the new album out  today by Kelis and her sixth studio album to date. It is also her first since switching to the Ninja Tune label and was produced entirely by Dave Sitek. In a fifteen year career this is probably her most cohesive release and she is strong all throughout. It has been tough to place Kelis’ music in a box. She’s proved a versatile artist, dabbling in various musical styles and this album is no different, with soul, gospel, funk, and afrobeat just a few of its major influences. Food features a thirteen piece band, which is especially evident here on brass-filled lead single “Jerk Ribs”. Kelis’ raspy, husky voice really shines here over the band and many of the tracks have a retro feel about them.  The album was inspired by food and features similar titles like “Friday Fish Fry” and “Biscuits n’Gravy”. Food represents one of the many yet more successful reinventions she’s partaken and is out on sale starting today.

WE COULD SMOKE – Scooter Island

April 22nd, 2014 by

Roll up and enjoy:


April 21st, 2014 by


A remix of Ellie Goulding and Riff Raff – maybe not what you’d have expected from XXYYXX’s typically minimalist and downtempo production style. The 18 year old Marcel Everett is just having fun on this one, as evidenced by AOL sounds adorning a vocal track from Riff Raff, but damn did it come out nice. The song retains minimal instrumentation and a low threshold for extraneous sounds, which, balanced against Everett’s treatment of Goulding’s vocals,  keeps the beat simple and focused – and certainly makes the choice of a track from Riff Raff that much more interesting.

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