Youtaro – Jungle EP

September 29th, 2014 by


A man and his MPC: Check out some chilled out hip hop instrumentals fresh from Japan on Youtaro’s Jungle EP, saturated with that warm dirty vinyl feel. The 90’s and that weird vinyl warble await, along with more compression than some 90’s booty jeans. Bump this on a big ole sound system.

Youtaro: SoundCloud, Bandcamp

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Magic Fades – Mix for The Astral Plane

September 25th, 2014 by

New exclusive mix for homies over at the Astral Plane from the Portland duo Magic Fades. Experimental DJ noise dance madness ensues. Click here for the full article.

SBTRKT – “The Light” ft. Denai Moore

September 24th, 2014 by


Aaron Jerome, known by most as SBTRKT, is an electric, post-dubstep, performer from London.  His newest single, entitled “The Light”, was released on Saturday.

“The Light”, SBTRKT’s single featuring the talented Denai Moore, is a soothing experience.  SBTRKT plays to Moore’s strengths and throws down figures that enhance her tone.  “The Light” is an intoxicating track that draws its listeners into a hazy, almost hypnotic state.

I’m serious when I say I haven’t been able to stop singing this song.  SBTRKT is known for his drive to be anonymous and motivation to make the music speak for itself.  Check it and see what I mean:


Penthouse Penthouse- Besides EP

September 18th, 2014 by

12:30 PM: Wake up.

12:45, start a minor forrest fire. 1:30, grab good grub. 2:30, pick up dry cleaning, them shirts are looking swess even being worn by the hangers. 3:30, you check your schedule, and it says you’re straight chillin until 8 PM. Might as well roll your shoulders back into your all-white italian velour couch with an ashtray and a glass, that 15 year scotch won’t drink itself. Fall behind schedule; 8:30 PM you’re grabbing the first clothes you see, no matter what, they’ll be as fresh as the seabass you’re about to have for dinner. 10 PM, hop into the Lexus with full tank and full belly, and drive straight into the vivid orange setting sun. No need to blink, your gold framed stunners keep you cozy. 10:30, elevator doors to the Penthouse Penthouse open, 360 degree view of the celestial stars above and serene lights below. You’ve got everything you could need, and by the way they’re looking at you, any friend you could want. This’ll be the last time you look at your watch, the rest of the night is only the finest of time. And Besides, who knows what might happen? See you at the Last Stop.

12:30 PM: Wake up.