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Choppa Dunks x Data Child – “UR GRL”

ur grl

It is awesome to see new styles and hybrid-genres emerging every day from the melting pot that is today’s EDM scene. Case in point – the new single from Choppa Dunks and Data Child – “UR GRL”. This track combines the best of pop and Dunks’ hard-hitting trap style, creating what I like to call trap-pop.¬†Check out the new single from Choppa Dunks in collaboration with Data Child. Choppa Dunks has been making big moves in the EDM-Trap scene, and has been gaining some real recognition in Boston and throughout the East Coast. The new single¬†features Dunks’ more laid-back side, and Data Child’s hook will instantly stick in your head. This song could be perfectly sandwiched in between Katy Perry and UZ in a DJ set. Check it out right here [via Soundcloud] – let us know what you think!