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Elos- Kid Him

Elos Kid Him

Oh yes. It’s time to take the jeans off and pull your caveman onesie over your head, because Elos’ new album unleashes the inner extraterrestrial primitivist in you, and makes you want to stand up and beat your own chest in a quiet fury. His third release for Alpha Pup Records, entitled Kid Him, is comprised of 14 tracks of strange down tempo promenades that take you on ferocious trips down memory lane of the warm and fuzzies of your own early existence. Elos’ soundscapes are sparse and vast, but detailed and rhythmically jet-packed, like a desert frothing with rattlesnakes, trees and shrubs, and all sorts of birds chirping and squabbling. The end result is your own spiritual awakening, and the return to the bliss of your adolescence. Enjoy Zoltan Ship, the first single from the record. If you like what you hear, you can check out the rest of the record on Spotify and purchase on iTunes.