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Great Dane: Alpha Dog

Great Dane

Less is more. That is a bold thing for someone to say, and bolder for them to live by. Unless, of course, you are a Great Dane, Alpha Dog of the hip hop playground that is Los Angeles California.

Orange County born, Dane Morris takes on the persona and musical responsibilities that one would associate with the casual world’s tallest dog. This is no specimen of the backyard; this is the wise and somber beast whose origin was to hunt deer and boar in the open fields. He is alert, but relaxed. Sitting dead center of his territory, torso and four paws suspended from his head, ergonomically nodding with the tide of the track’s wave and crash upon the shores of that part of your ear that simply wont take no for an answer and will belligerently wiggle your arms and legs for you while bobbing your shoulders in four different directions. In other words, I’m talking about some bomb ass dancing. The type that will make a guy or shorty turn its head and say “dayum!”, and then strut on over to join you in what the non-listener would perceive as two monkeys fighting over their freshest kill.¬†Two Great Danes, fighting over the grassy throne that looks over acres of forrest in every direction. There can only be one. The one must be stoic, honor simplicity and the pastorale life, yet truly believe and exist in the world of the decadent. His basses must be deep and floor rattling and his bass drums must send you bouncing off the ground like a trampoline, snare drums like rifles firing in the distance, his ambiences must be jingling with leaves rustling and birds chirping and shakers and goats toes, and his melodies must be rhythmically strong, orchestrated on just the bare minimum of synths. This Great Dane must be the coolest kid at the party. The one that smiles to himself so subtly that no one else notices at knowing that he is making the whole party sway up and down together with his down tempo bangers. Great Dane is undisputed. Not because he challenges. But because he is true to himself. And that true-to-himself just so happens to make everyone headnod.

Today we throw a yard party for Great Dane. Why? Because he has just released his first full length LP, Alpha Dog, on Alphapup Records.¬†Listen to it. Buy it. Either or any way, Great Dane will remain calm and poised, and have you rocking with him some way or other. In the meantime, here’s a bone for you to chew on.


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